WhatsApp nos permite buscar para comprobar los mensajes recibidos

WhatsApp: chain letters still in circulation despite restrictions

WhatsApp allows us to search to check the messages received

WhatsApp has had a chain letter problem for many years; Jim Balsamico’s message is particularly popular and cannot be killed.

Messages can no longer be forwarded indefinitely on WhatsApp Messenger, but WhatsApp is still full of fake messages and chain letters. Jim Balsamico has been doing mischief on the Facebook messaging service for seven years. A chain letter is still on the way warning of the monthly costs.

Chain letters will probably never disappear from WhatsApp

These messages can still be ignored and the senders of these chain letters should be advised to do the same in the future. The threat made in the message about deleting inactive WhatsApp accounts is, of course, total nonsense, so this message does not have to be forwarded.

WhatsApp wouldn’t even know anything about this forwarding because the chats are encrypted and the company couldn’t even verify the content of the messages. To avoid such fakes, WhatsApp severely restricted simultaneous message forwarding a while ago.