WhatsApp nos permite buscar para comprobar los mensajes recibidos

WhatsApp: contact with viruses is supposed to spread fear and terror

WhatsApp allows us to search to check the messages received

Another chain letter warns of a WhatsApp virus that is spreading through the phone book. Silly, don’t forward these messages!

Again there is a warning about a virus, a chain letter is spreading like wildfire on WhatsApp. WhatsApp users have concerns, are insecure, and cannot handle the situation properly. It is one of those many cases where a lot of nonsense is spread. This time it is Tobias Mathis who spreads fear and horror among many WhatsApp users. You always notice that despite forwarding restrictions, such messages continue to circulate rapidly. We should know better.

No hacker and no virus, just a chain letter

It is a classic chain letter that is noted for its spelling errors. WhatsUp instead of WhatsApp, they talk about a hard drive and the attack supposedly only spreads to other contacts through the phone book. It’s all nonsense, and yet the creators try to make the chain letter credible through advertising that was never reported. “Sat1 and Europ1” had warned of this virus. That is simply a lie.

No one really knows the history of the chain letter, but it should be ignored and not forwarded. We also ask for it. Protect your networks by acting carefully. Possibly this chain letter is only intended to encourage people to contact the phone number shown. That would correspond to the popular phishing.


What is phishing?

Scammers want to lure users to fraudulent websites on behalf of large well-known Internet companies and services to access user data and means of payment. Most of the time, well-known brand websites like Amazon are blatantly copied to build trust.