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WhatsApp: convert voice messages into readable text

Voice messages on WhatsApp are widely used. These can be converted into readable text with a free Android app.

Voice messages are no longer a trend, today voice messages are simply an integral part of messaging apps like WhatsApp. A large amount of text can be packaged audibly, which can often be much more practical. But voicemails cannot always be heard undisturbed. Barely through the speakers of a smartphone in public. And without headphones, you would alternatively have to hold the phone to your ear, which is not practical or appropriate in all situations either. There is an unofficial way out of this mess so we can read voicemails.

WhatsApp: convert voice messages to text

We introduced the transcriber for WhatsApp a year and a half ago, but Lars has now brought me back to the app. So, here is a short introduction to the Android app, which converts your voice messages into readable text if you like. For this you need to have the application installed so that you can forward the voice messages you have received to Transcriber for WhatsApp. Logical. The basic version of the application is free, but there is a lot of advertising for it.

For a WhatsApp voice message to be converted to text manually, you need to forward a voice message received from WhatsApp to the Transcriber app. Leave your finger briefly on the respective voice message, select the menu item “Share” with the 3-dot button and now go to “Transcriber – Transcribe”. The transcribed text appears in a pop-up window. It should look like our screenshots.

If you open the application in the usual way, you will find a history of voice messages that have already been transcribed. If you want, you can remove the ads through the app settings, but it costs € 2.19 one time. An automatic transcription in the background is also possible, this function costs € 2.99 once.

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