WhatsApp nos permite buscar para comprobar los mensajes recibidos

WhatsApp flies from old smartphones, new chain letter

WhatsApp allows us to search to check the messages received

In current WhatsApp messages, we not only find the discard of old operating systems, but also chain letters and a crazy rumor.

At the end of the current year there are also several changes in WhatsApp. First of all, some old operating systems are being scrapped, including older versions of Android and of course Windows Phone. As it is clearly written on the WhatsApp FAQ websites, an Android device must now be at least version 4.0.3. Alternatively, at least iOS 9 or KaiOS 2.5.1 operating systems. Windows Phone, which has now been discontinued, will be completely gone this week, support will end on December 31, 2019.

Year-end letter chains are on the rise again

Once again there are several chain letters on WhatsApp, which are spreading slowly but still. Although messages can only be forwarded to five contacts at a time, unfortunately the chain letters are still on WhatsApp. There is currently another chain letter informing that WhatsApp messages will be charged if users do not object to them. In any case, all messages of this type can be ignored. No problem.

WhatsApp: without its own browser

Apparently there has been a strange rumor recently that WhatsApp is developing its own browser. We could also ignore these rumors as we can ignore chain letters.