WhatsApp nos permite buscar para comprobar los mensajes recibidos

WhatsApp: Free but with advertising this year

WhatsApp allows us to search to check the messages received

WhatsApp is getting something new that not everyone will want to get used to. This year, Messenger gets ad integration, a big step after so many years without ads.

There is a ton of fake news around WhatsApp every year. Chain letters with false reports of chargeable messages still continue today. However, it is not false to say that WhatsApp will be equipped with advertising from 2020. At least that was the calendar of the Facebook subsidiary. In any case, this was finally presented many months ago with illustrative examples. This year WhatsApp is integrating ads, as we have known it from Instagram for a long time. Facebook stays true to itself and doesn’t offer paid subscriptions as an alternative.

WhatApp: 2020 status announcements

Ads can be seen on WhatsApp in status. At first only there. If you watch the latest content from your friends, the ads appear in full screen at unspecified intervals. For Internet services and all other products. Virtually all businesses can click here with their own ads, as they have already done with other Facebook and Instagram services. This is another reason why it is practical for Facebook to combine the messaging foundation of the three background services.

WhatsApp administrators have not yet provided details on the day for which the integration of status announcements is scheduled. There wasn’t even a rough timetable. Only the year is known. 2020. We do not expect advertising in other parts of the application. Therefore, not directly in the chats.