WhatsApp nos permite buscar para comprobar los mensajes recibidos

WhatsApp further restricts message forwarding

WhatsApp is reacting to the prevailing crisis and introducing another restriction to curb the forwarding of messages.

In current times, messengers and social networks have difficulties keeping false information (fake news) away from their users. It is particularly about their propagation. WhatsApp has now announced new restrictions, the company announced to German media. One difficulty with WhatsApp is not knowing the content of the encrypted messages. Therefore, it is not possible to filter and block certain content. Another method is needed.

WhatsApp limits redirects again

Only the metadata is available for WhatsApp. This shows if a message was written by the user or if it was forwarded. Therefore, WhatsApp can also recognize if a certain message is forwarded over and over again and therefore very frequently. Of course, this doesn’t have to be fake news, but this is the only way to slow down the rapid spread of news. “To further curb the spread of false information, As of today, WhatsApp restricts the forwarding of messages that have already been forwarded. ”

Therefore, certain messages can only be forwarded to other WhatsApp users to a limited extent. Of course, this also applies to messages that can only contain funny content and not false information. The following constraint is now new: “Frequently forwarded messages that have been linked to a Double arrow marked icon can now can only be forwarded to a chat individually.

Forwarded messages have been marked with an arrow on WhatsApp for some time. Messages are classified as “frequently forwarded” after five forwards and then marked with the double arrow.