No tiene que salir de los grupos de WhatsApp, puede silenciarlos y ocultar los medios recibidos

WhatsApp increases the limit for call functions from 4 to 8 people in the beta application

You don't have to leave WhatsApp groups, you can mute them and hide received media

WhatsApp has a new limit for group calls; then up to eight are possible instead of four participants. It starts in the beta app.

So far WhatsApp has set a relatively low limit of just 4 people for all types of group telephony, but this limit is changing with the latest updates to the app. You don’t go as far as Google with Duo, but you create more leeway with up to 8 people. Initially, this innovation will be available to beta users (iOS and Android) of WhatsApp. We do not expect the release of the final application until the next few weeks.

WhatsApp limits group calls differently

Furthermore, each participant in a group call must use the latest version of WhatsApp, which should hardly be possible at the beginning of innovation. If you start a call directly in a group, WhatsApp only asks for the desired participants if there are more than four people in a group. In any case, you must select who to call directly in the calls tab.

When innovation is finally introduced for all users, we expect WhatsApp to notify us accordingly. As long as it remains a test, little will happen from the developers.