WhatsApp nos permite buscar para comprobar los mensajes recibidos

WhatsApp is also safe from the BKA

According to previous knowledge, nobody can simply read WhatsApp from the outside. In general, the messenger seems anything but insecure.

WhatsApp has been criticized for many years, but there are rarely any solid reasons for it. WhatsApp is often presented as “insecure”, but the end-to-end encryption that kicks in for chats clearly speaks against it. The latest report on a method by which the BKA wants to access messages in case of suspicion even reveals the security of the smartphone messenger belonging to Facebook.

WhatsApp: nobody can continue reading

It is not possible to access someone else’s messages without holding the target person’s smartphone in your hands. Even so, access would never go unnoticed, since an active connection to WhatsApp Web is always communicated to the user. We write about this again in detail, I don’t have to go back to that.

WhatsApp also rejects all the accusations, with the arguments that have been known for years. So far no one has been able to refute this.

“People’s private conversations remain secure and protected by end-to-end encryption.”

Metadata: usable or not used?

Some user metadata and chats WhatsApp has on hand can only be further processed up to a point. WhatsApp uses them, among other things, to stop redirects in order to avoid large-scale spam from individual users. Nor should a transfer of the metadata to Facebook take place.

“WhatsApp cannot read messages because they are encrypted by default,” said a spokesman for the Handelsblatt at the time. There is also no “user metadata” shared with Facebook “to create Facebook profiles or improve Facebook products or advertising.”

As for the metadata, you don’t have to believe WhatsApp. But first you have to prove the opposite. I don’t want to “speak well” on WhatsApp. But many accusations and assumptions in recent years have thus far been unfounded. The BKA story titles were often wrong, but they stick with the people.

In any case, you can cross out of your mind that an institution like the BKA can read WhatsApp. WhatsApp could still process user data available for advertising, but Messenger still has no advertising to date.