WhatsApp renovado: aparecieron 3 innovaciones más y algunas ya están disponibles

WhatsApp: Messages expiring: the function will be optimized before the start (image)

WhatsApp renewed: 3 more innovations appeared and some are already available

WhatsApp creates a feature for chats, whereby messages expire after a certain period of time. Advances in development, show screenshots.

WhatsApp still has several cool features up its sleeve that are currently in development and will definitely come at some point. This includes the option for messages to automatically expire to be deleted after a certain period of time. WhatsApp has already had the function quite well, the texts for it are stored, the appropriate graphics already exist, and the configuration menus are currently being refined.

WhatsApp automatically deletes messages that expire

The innovation is currently being optimized before its launch around the world. By the way, no date is known for this. Again, there is a screenshot of the new Wabetainfo feature, offering an insight into innovation. In this case, we see the messages that expire with a fixed period. If the feature is enabled, messages automatically disappear from these chats after seven days. Certainly useful in larger groups to keep track of chats.

As I said, expiring messages have popped up quite often, but are not available to end users yet. WhatsApp reveals such innovations in advance only indirectly. Colleagues often find what they are looking for through very early trial versions and in the application source code. We have to show at least as much patience as is necessary for compatibility with various devices.