WhatsApp nos permite buscar para comprobar los mensajes recibidos

WhatsApp removes a chat feature for German users only

WhatsApp allows us to search to check the messages received

WhatsApp not only removes outdated operating systems, it also removes a feature. Exclusively in Germany, confirm WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has removed a certain chat feature for German users and will no longer make it available in Germany. It is very possible that this change is in response to recent legal proceedings. But there is no confirmation of this. Facebook is testing various functions because it violates existing BlackBerry patents. In its old form, WhatsApp Messenger would even be temporarily banned in Germany. But it was foreseeable from day one that Facebook would react accordingly in an emergency and change the affected functions or put them on hold.

WhatsApp loses its ability to export chats

After all, the affected function is no big deal. It’s just the manual export of individual chats. Has anyone ever used it? While the corresponding option was removed from the menus for early iOS users, I can still export chats on my Android devices. But that should change. WhatsApp has long confirmed on its own help pages that this feature is only not available in Germany. It seems to happen with a specific app update.

“Please note that this function is not supported in Germany.”

It is also possible to make backup copies of WhatsApp chats in the internal memory of your devices and in the cloud. With the now outbound export feature, it was previously possible to save individual chats as a file, including the media they contained, and send them as files or store them somewhere. If the feature is still available to you, you can find it in the Android app in individual chats via the three-dot menu (top right).

A statement with more details on this topic may soon be available. However, WhatsApp, Facebook and company are usually quite reserved. But we have submitted a request and we are waiting for a response.

Can I save my WhatsApp chats without the export function?

WhatsApp continues to have cloud backups for German users. Google Drive is used for this on Android. This backup is even more convenient because restoring to a new device works automatically.