WhatsApp renovado: aparecieron 3 innovaciones más y algunas ya están disponibles

WhatsApp reveals details about running messages

WhatsApp renewed: 3 more innovations appeared and some are already available

There are new details on running messages, WhatsApp is already working in the background to optimize the new chat feature.

Soon we will be able to automatically delete messages from group chats. WhatsApp plans to introduce another innovation for group chats, now there are even more official details about messages that expire. Now a descriptive text has appeared in which WhatsApp describes in more detail what the messages really mean. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when messages that expire as a function will be available to us.

Expiring messages: text modules reveal details

  • Anyone can turn running messages on and off. If messages that expire are activated, they will disappear from the chat after seven days. This does not apply to existing messages.
  • Everyone in the chat can save running messages with a screenshot so they can be forwarded too.
  • The media is also removed from the chat, but can still be left in the phone memory.
  • All messages, including running messages, are protected by end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp is currently not only working on this feature in the background, so there are always leaks on some details. But as already mentioned, WhatsApp does not provide any information in advance on when the new features might be available.

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