No tiene que salir de los grupos de WhatsApp, puede silenciarlos y ocultar los medios recibidos

WhatsApp will soon allow even bigger group calls

WhatsApp is expanding its video chat feature these days, the previous restriction of 4 people will soon be increased.

WhatsApp has been offering group calls for video telephony for some time now, but has so far limited the maximum number of participants to just four people. However, due to or by chance during the current situation, they seem to be working to admit more than four people for a video chat soon. There are already clear indications of this innovation in the current versions of WhatsApp, it could be implemented in the coming days or weeks.

WhatsApp wants to expand video calls

However, so far it is not known to what new maximum of WhatsApp he would like to increase the number of participants. Google recently expanded to a whopping 12 people on Duo who can participate in a call at the same time. As the text modules in WhatsApp already reveal, all participants in a video chat with more than 4 people must be in the new version of WhatsApp. I guess it expands to 8 participants.