WhatsApp con actualización: muchos han estado esperando esta función

WhatsApp with update: many have been waiting for this feature

WhatsApp with update: many have been waiting for this feature

Frequent WhatsApp users often use Messenger on their computers. In the home office or office, it is much faster to type on the PC, laptop or Mac than on the small keyboard of the smartphone. But especially those who sit in dark rooms at night swear by the dark mode on computers and smartphones. Now you can finally use dark mode with WhatsApp Web.

To do this, open WhatsApp Web in your browser. On the page, you click on the three dots one below the other in the upper left and access the menu. Under Settings and the Layout sub-item, you can choose between the classic light layout with a white background and “Dark”. Dark is the dark mode, in which the background is bathed in a dark gray. The writing turns white.

Other new WhatsApp features

The current update has even more new features ready. So now you can use animated stickers on WhatsApp. You can find the first set of animated stickers in the sticker store. Plus, you can now exchange your contact details with new friends without having to read your phone number out loud. You can add other contacts using QR codes or create a QR code for your own contact that the other person can scan. To do this, simply tap on the QR code symbol in settings.

Also new: if you’re in a group video call, you can now long-press on a participant’s video to zoom in. Group video calling has also only recently become possible.

Written voice messages

Another nice feature for all the people who receive voice messages but don’t want to hear them, we just introduced it in another report. You can convert messages to text using an additional application. You can read more about this in the corresponding message.