Cuando se entera de quién es su padre donante de esperma, casi llora de alegría

When she finds out who her sperm donor father is, she almost cries with joy

When she finds out who her sperm donor father is, she almost cries with joy

The story is almost too good to be true: Georgia Bond and her best friend Jack Bowman are inseparable and have one thing in common: they were both conceived through a sperm donor. So they always joked that they were actually brother and sister be. And indeed: it really is you!

Georgia and Jack have the same sperm donor

A few weeks ago, some friends in Liverpool found out that Information about your biological father, your sperm donor, and possible siblings could get. Said and done. For fun and curiosity, Jack was the first to request the documents about his sperm donor father. When he finally got the documents in his hands after weeks of waiting, he could hardly believe it: he has a sister who was born in 1998. And Georgia was born in 1998! Could it really be that they had the same sperm donor as their father?

Georgia Bond also sent him the documents. Weeks of anxious waiting passed again. When the information papers were finally in the mailbox, the two best friends couldn’t believe it: In fact, you have the same sperm donor as your father! Delighted by this coincidence, Georgia posted the good news with her story on Twitter. At the end of her post, the 19-year-old only says that requesting the documents would have been the best thing she could have done. Y: “Miracles can happen.”