Xiaomi no trae nada nuevo para la serie Mix por ahora, deja caer Mi Mix Alpha

When will Xiaomi sell the Mi Mix Alpha?

Xiaomi does not bring anything new for the Mix series for now, drops Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi introduced the exclusive Mi Mix Alpha in 2019, now the Android smartphone could be slowly on its way to international trade.

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Mix Alpha a few months ago, the Android smartphone has a single screen. Although Xiaomi uses similar technology to Samsung and Huawei for their folding screens, they value a completely different concept. With Mi Mix Alpha, the built-in OLED screen is placed around the entire device, there is only a small strip for the cameras on the back. However, the screen cannot be moved.

TO UPDATE: In new reports it is said that Xiaomi currently does not have a date ready for the presentation. He currently does not know when the Mi Mix Alpha will go on sale.

Xiaomi with a single screen

Whether it makes sense or not, Mi Mix Alpha should go on sale at some point. The first dealers now offer the device, only without an exact delivery date. Xiaomi had not commented on this either. But if the first few dealers get ahead of themselves, that could at least be a hint of some news soon.

Or just hot air from the Chinese? Xiaomi had already shown folding devices, but until today there were no indications of availability for end customers. So it could be. So far, the Mi Mix Alpha has been listed with a price tag of around $ 2,800, which means that it even beats foldable smartphones from Samsung and Huawei.


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