Tatuajes blancos: la tendencia de tatuajes ligeramente diferente

White tattoos – the slightly different tattoo trend

White ink

Attention tattoo fans: after the black and colorful tattoos, now a new color is emerging. White tattoosthat is to say, our skin is very delicate and discreet. Here we tell you which stars have already discovered the trend for themselves and what you need to know about white tattoos. We will also show you some nice images as inspiration for your own white tattoo.

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White tattoos as a subtle alternative

White tattoos are something special!

Just get a small tattoo with a saying or a large piece of art with flower tendrils, skulls or other eye-catching motifs? Maybe even a blackout tattoo? If you want a tattoo, you have many options here. But not only there: color also plays an important role, so here you also think a lot before you start. Do you want to keep the classic black motif or experiment with vivid colors?

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration here, this tattoo trend might be a good alternative: tattoos in white. These have the advantage that, unlike the dark variants, they are very discreet and therefore do not immediately attract attention. This has already prompted some famous women to have a motif immortalized on their skin in white ink.

Eye-catching: These stars are wearing white tattoos!

For example, Model is part of the white ink party. Cara delevigne. He had the words “take a deep breath”, German “take a deep breath”, tattooed on the inside of the upper arm in ornate writing. But of course, she is not the only one who has already followed the trend.

Model Bar refaeli He has also opted for a white tattoo and wears it in the shape of a butterfly on his wrist. And singer Ellie Goulding is also one of the White Tattoo users – she had a wafer-thin arrow on her right index finger.

Rihanna he also got a white tattoo. With it the words “Thug Life”, in German “Gangster Life”, adorned the knuckles. Meanwhile, however, his light tattoo is covered by another dark tattoo. However, we chose an image from then so that you can marvel at the discreet skin decoration again:

Hard to see: Rihanna’s white tattoo

You see: white tattoos have become socially acceptable! However, you should carefully consider whether you want such a piece of art on your skin.

White tattoos: pros and cons

Pricking with white ink has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • One advantage it is, as already mentioned, the relatively simple look. Especially those who don’t have a tattoo at all may not want to go all out and stand out with their body art. With a white tattoo you can carefully take your first steps in the field of tattoos.
  • The second advantage of this fur decoration also helps, but also as a disadvantage You can see it: white tattoos fade over time. Sure, the black and colored variants do too, but much slower and not as strong. With white tattoos, it may sometimes be necessary to renew them after a few months or years, that is, to pierce them again. Otherwise, only an ugly remnant of the white tattoo remains, at best, nothing at all.

You should also be careful to find a tattoo artist who is as experienced as possible and who has already worked with white ink. Otherwise, unsightly scars and discolorations may remain on the skin. But in the end, that applies to all types of tattoos. You should definitely not save here, because you want to have fun with your body art for a long time.

By the way, this YouTuber once documented how her white tattoo changed over several days or weeks, look at the comparison with the pictures.:

The cost of a white tattoo

The price of a white tattoo shouldn’t really be any different than a black or colored tattoo. After all, what matters is less the white or black ink and more the time required. If you have chosen a fancy or particularly large motif, the tattoo artist will, of course, have to sit on it for a few hours to carefully stab it into your skin. The price of one hour of tattooing is approximately 70 to 100 euros. However, costs vary from tattoo studio to tattoo studio, so you should seek the advice of a tattoo artist you trust beforehand. This also applies to how many sessions are necessary for your tattoo to be able to roughly estimate the total price or to be able to determine it. You can get more information about tattoo prices with us.

Generally, a smaller amount must be re-engraved because the pattern already exists and the lines are simply drawn.

Get white tattoos: these are the most beautiful motifs!

Are you excited about white tattoos now? So all that’s missing is a beautiful motif that you can stab under your skin with white delicacy! Small filigree motifs that blend perfectly with subtle color are especially suitable for white tattoos. From snowflakes, simply drawn animals, or other small symbols to short tattoo phrases, you have a great selection of suitable ideas. Still not sure what to tattoo? So of course it helps to get inspiration from other white tattoos too. We will show you some beautiful image inspirations that you can use as suggestions for your own motive.

For example, how about a simple handwriting like this tattoo?

A white rose interpreted differently:

A snowflake appears on the skin as a white tattoo, of course:

Here the whole hand is decorated with small white tattoo symbols:

They remind a little of scars. However, white tattoos have a very special charm and provide a unique appeal on the skin in a subtle way. They are definitely a nice change from the classic tattoos! Have you already had experience with a white tattoo? We await your report, where it was punctured and if it still looked as good some time after the puncture. Do you want to get a temporary tattoo instead of a real one? Then learn from us how you can make a beautiful henna tattoo yourself.

Image Source: iStock / Matc13, Getty Images / Mark Davis