¿Quién es quién?  Los blogueros recuerdan su primer día de clases

Who is who? Bloggers remember their first day of school

Who is who?  Bloggers remember their first day of school

The first day of school: an important milestone in childhood. We remember and today we return to our first day of school. Together with other great bloggers, we let you share our memories.

To be honest, I can’t remember my first day of school either, but I can remember the days and weeks before. Even then, I was always very nervous about major changes and the switch from kindergarten to school ate at me with months of anticipation. I was afraid that now the “seriousness of life” would begin and the teachers would not be kind to me. I was definitely not known for my enthusiasm for work and I could already see in my inner eye how I was getting lost in homework every day and looking forward to going back to the relaxed days of kindergarten.

On my first day of school, my father led me around the school by the hand, and at the latest when I met my teachers, I realized that I shouldn’t have had to worry: Mrs. Greier and Mrs. Grünwald They were two very warm and cheerful ladies, who soon made me want to learn and showed me that school can also be fun. My days in elementary school were really wonderful and I remember it fondly. And by the way: The “seriousness of life”, which I feared so much at the time, is yet to come.

Pupil Michi BuchingerPupil Michi Buchinger

My enrollment in school was a very special day for me because I came to school with all my friends from the street, every morning we met at the gym bar and walked to school together. Sometimes we were almost ten children when no one was late. How wonderful! A sensation like in Bullerbü, only in the city. We chatted, laughed, sang, collected flowers and treasures, and once we found two runaway rabbits. Even then, every day by my side, my current husband. Not only on the way to school and on the playground, we also share a bench at school.

Tanja on the first day of school

1st day of classes in Béa (Tollabea)

Different countries, different customs, and where dictators rule everything is dramatically different: I grew up in communist Ceausescu Romania. I don’t have very good memories of the first day of school. As is typical in the country, anyway there are no school cones, the children are taken to school and that’s it. At that time, however, we had to march in uniform and first endure a patriotic ceremony standing at attention in the schoolyard: party songs and poems from the children in the older classes. Then he went to the classroom and I remember thinking it was stupid to be assigned a place and not allowed to choose.

But the worst flashback for me is the first encounter with the dirty toilets in the sick school building. What a mess and smell! But it’s great – the second graders taught the little ones how to open and close the doors with a skillful kick and how to urinate while crouching on the toilet bowl, so they don’t come in contact with dirt.

More about childhood in communism here.

The first day of classes in Tollabea1st day of Béa classes

By the way, it’s the only photo that exists of me from elementary school. It is not a first day of school, more like the end of third grade.

My elementary school was small, very small. Not even 30 children in total, the first and second, as well as the third and fourth grade, were grouped in a room with a teacher. In fact, it is assumed that then all the children would have to meet each other, but we did not. I remember being very nervous when I walked into this old building with my mom, where she had already been. If I remember correctly, we were 8 boys, four girls and four boys… They all had a sign: I got the bike because my father had or still has a car repair shop. That was the first HÜ: I had to draw a sheet with wheels. Afterwards it was incomprehensible, but I was very disappointed, I wanted more … I was happy with every letter, every assignment, every exam … Well that changed over time or at the latest in high school … I just hope this doesn’t apply to my favourites.

1st school day VerenaSchool boy, verena

Lisbeth’s 1st School Day (One Step Room)

I can only vaguely remember my first day of school: I sat in the front row next to my girlfriend. And I was dressed all in pink and turquoise because those were my favorite colors of all time. My school bag was, of course, pink with the Pink Panther and ergonomic absurdity. What I still remember well when I was in elementary school is that I always argued with my girlfriend who needed more space at our desk. So we always drew a line exactly in the middle and nobody could go to the other side. I can also remember Teacher once arguing about us because we talked a lot. During the break we would always play with the rubber spins or go to explore the large school forest. Since my mom was a teacher in the parallel class, she always knew everything. So it was not possible to cheat on homework.

1st day of school LisbethLisbeth’s 1st day of school

1st SCHOOL DAY by Anneliese (individual passage room)

I don’t exactly remember the first day of school. However, to my cone from school: It was full of chocolate and I was excited! In general, I don’t have good memories of my elementary school days. I went to a private Catholic school, the methods there were more old-fashioned than modern. I didn’t particularly like the teacher. Last year we had a very young and empathetic teacher, that was much better then. On the other hand, I enjoyed my time in high school. I really enjoyed learning during my studies. And today I continue to learn a lot. Most of life and especially my children.

My elementary school years were characterized by change and a lot of joy. You can find all the thoughts on Alu’s inscription HERE.