Samsung Galaxy S20: ¿pantalla rápida para todos los modelos?

Why can this happen: Samsung Galaxy S20 instead of Galaxy S11?

Samsung Galaxy S20: fast screen for all models?

All signs point to a name change for high-class Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy S11 could finally hit the market as the Galaxy S20.

If you look at the competition and also the strategy for other smartphone series from your own company, the next flagship smartphone from Samsung can no longer be called the Galaxy S11. Infiltrator IceUniverse throws a rumor into the room without comment and makes us think At least according to logic, the Galaxy S11 should be marketed as the Galaxy S20 in the final transaction. As already stated in the introduction, there are several understandable reasons for this right on the table in front of us.

Galaxy S20: Is Samsung Following Themselves And The Competition?

Samsung has already introduced corresponding structures in the lower price ranges. The series A name with a single consecutive number became the name with a double number. Instead of the Galaxy A4, there is now the Galaxy A40 and next year the Galax A41. The Galaxy A7 became the Galaxy A70 and more recently the A71 was the latest model. Even with the even cheaper M series, there was not the M2, but the M20. The competition is also worth a look.

Huawei had started a restructuring after the P10, instead of the P11, Huawei introduced the P20. This was followed by the P30 series, followed by the P40 in spring 2020. The same goes for the Mate series, of which the Mate 20 and Mate 30 came last. Of course, these naming structures come to an end at some point. At the latest, a Huawei P100 looks strange and after the Galaxy A79 it would also have to be rethought. But it looks just as bad when it says Galaxy S12 or S13 on a poster. Don’t you think?

Ultimately, the names are determined by other components. With Samsung it’s S and Note, with Huawei P and Mate. In my opinion, the number behind is, in addition to the information about the respective generation, also an aspect for marketing. Implementing changes here every year would at least bring some freshness to the matter. Even Apple does that.