Por qué solo puedes amar a mujeres con cabello corto

Why can you only love women with short hair

Why you can only love women with short hair

Short hairstyles

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Arrived in the 21st century, long hair and incomparable sex appeal are now definitely out of date! More and more women, even the most prominent, who dare to take the shortcut step, although they undoubtedly find contradictions with the knights of creation. Pretty amazing, as we think. We tell you why women with short hair can only be loved and in our photo show we will show you what is special about them.

The reputation of the short hairstyle is not necessarily the best: too masculine, too dominant and too provocative. In truth, however, short hair is anything but, but much more risky, ostentatious and beautiful.

Fight against prejudice

First of all, let’s say that a short haircut is a step in the right direction. That is, a way of looking at that hair is “just” hair and should in no way affect a woman’s personality, sex appeal or charisma. So we put our hats on in front of all the women who stand up to the strict prejudices of overly masculine appearance and show character. This is a tribute to all the brave among you, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry and Co., who said goodbye to their mane and swam against the current.

The beauty of women

Women with a short haircut exude a certain independence, an attitude that says “I don’t need a long hair on my back!”. Short hair leaves little room for crazy hairstyles or faking the real look, because they are as short as they are. Short hair also radiates strength. A force that makes women incredibly sexy. For the reason that the user does not have to demonstrate her femininity with outer perfection. Locks and waist-length hair are not indicative of sex appeal. To be even deeper, sex appeal only radiates from within.

Know what is important

Many, even improbably many, things in this life are fleeting. So does the hair, its length, and all associated trends and styles. Women with short haircuts know that their hair won’t stay that way forever. It may take a few years and cost a few dollars at a reputable hairdresser, but your hair will grow back. Other than that, women in particular tend to have enjoyed their hair for ages. So why not indulge in some new looks and take a little risk? We know that haircuts are not forever, but the memories remain. Are you not also interested in what life is like with only three millimeters of hair on your head?

They highlight what is even more presentable

Many men have a quiet soft spot for women with short hair. Why? Because men consider a woman’s neck to be incredibly sensual and this is the region of the body that gets a lot of attention with short hair. And suddenly, when looking at a short-haired lady, gentlemen also notice how beautiful her smile is, how distinctive her cheekbones are, how full her lips are, how bright her eyes are, and how characteristic her eyes are. eyebrows. Also, a woman with short hair automatically exudes amazing self-confidence. And even that has been popular with gentlemen recently, because they no longer just want women to take care of children and housework and leave their lives to fate. You want women with dreams, visions, and a thirst for adventure. Attributes that are more likely to be associated with women who have a short haircut than with women who have long hair.

If a woman has short hair, people suddenly realize that she has a small scar on her forehead, she speaks incredibly well, she keeps telling jokes and jokes when she laughs; suddenly people realize the qualities that still exist. they are more significant than hair.

do you have fun

We do not want to say that women with long blonde or brown hair do not enjoy life, but one thing is certain: short hair and millimeter cuts exude a zest for life. How is that? Because its users don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of them. Many people wonder why a woman has short hair. If you respond by saying that you simply wanted, the interest in your person is aroused and that is due solely to the clarity of the ease of life. By the way, it is very exciting to wear a look that evokes the shower and the subsequent drying of your hair. Standing upright or falling, curly or unruly, is always good for a surprise.

Bottom line: we love short hair! Take a look at our image gallery to see how beautiful once-boyish cuts are and who wears them.

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