OnePlus X está listo para celebrar su regreso como una nueva serie de teléfonos inteligentes

Why does OnePlus dispense with advertising in smartphone software

OnePlus does not integrate wireless charging and eliminates the jack connection, but user experience should often be important for decisions.

Some other Chinese manufacturers have already proven this. Compensating for the low prices of your own devices with ads would not be a new idea. Until now, this procedure could also have been thought of for OnePlus. Chinese prices have remained well below the larger and much better known brands in recent years, despite very good hardware. Xiaomi, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Very cheap Android smartphones are financed there with the implementation of ads.

However, Xiaomi also allows all ads to be turned off. In a fair way, because the integration of advertising on devices that have already been paid for is not without controversy. OnePlus has refrained from doing this so far and will not want to change anything in this strategy. One of the CEOs revealed this in an interview. For OnePlus, the reason for not advertising is a matter of simple explanation.

There is no integration if it is not for the user experience.

A good reason, but one that does not apply to all areas of the group. Customers have been waiting for wireless charging for many years and they aren’t getting it. Instead, the jack connector has been removed, although classic headphones are likely to be found in many more households. Therefore, it is doubtful that all decisions are made based on user experience. Nonetheless, an ad-free OnePlus smartphone is positive. After all, customers pay a lot for it.