Nueva frustración con los teléfonos con píxeles: el nuevo Android 11 también trajo un Bluetooth inestable: cientos de mensajes

Why the Google Pixel 5 will still be fast enough

New frustration with pixel phones: the new Android 11 also brought unstable Bluetooth - hundreds of messages

LG, Motorola and company have shown how high-end smartphones are no longer important. The premium mid-range may also be suitable for Google’s Pixel 5.

This year, various Android manufacturers are following new paths. You are partially or completely entering new territory. Rather than just stubbornly building the most expensive processor in their own premium smartphones, LG, Motorola, and Google have gone for new approaches. But OnePlus is also returning with the Nord to the world of mid-range smartphones, which has since become completely different.

Today there is the so-called premium middle class, at least I like to refer to these devices as such. These are premium feature smartphones that currently feature Qualcomm’s second fastest processor. It’s the Snapdragon 765 (G). This chip is quite fast and with 5G you also have the new cellular technology on board. At first, one might get the impression that this package does not meet high standards. But that’s exactly what it does to my eyes.

High-end processor just a niche product?

I have two current 765 smartphones here, the OnePlus Nord and also the LG Velvet. Both smartphones can show comparatively good performance and keep up with the Snapdragon 855 on Google Pixel 4. There are marginal differences that speak sometimes for and sometimes against Google’s theoretically more equipped smartphone. Even a Snapdragon 865 (Relame X50 Pro) can hardly do better, at least when using common applications.

From my experience in recent days, the cheapest Snapdragon 7 series processor is sufficient for many users. I don’t mean to say that this chip is enough. In the case of most people’s daily use, this chip should have even a lot of reserves left. Only with complex games or applications that consume a lot of power, such as Photoshop camera, it can be noticed that the Snapdragon 865 performs better than the 765.

However, there is rarely a clear clue to the theoretically better hardware. On the other hand, you can feel the perfect coordination of software and hardware, which is available in OnePlus, for example. The Nord also feels faster in everyday use than almost any other device. Thus, it underlines the strengths of the Chinese manufacturer and where others often remain stagnant.

It doesn’t have to be the fastest processor

To cut to the chase: if the Snapdragon 765 is in the Pixel 5, that is, it is not the latest high-end processor, this is absolutely no break for previous buyers of these devices. Rather, we get top shelf performance, but we can expect better prices for it. Smartphones like OnePlus 8 Pro, Huawei P40 Pro, or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are certainly interesting to some people, but they are likely to have a dark existence in the future.

LG has replaced its G series with the Velvet, lowering the price to just 599 euros. OnePlus makes it even more cheeky, the Nord is available from 399 euros and thus 300 euros with the OnePlus 8. Same game at Motorola, the new Edge costs less than 600 euros. Although smartphone prices have generally gone up, the Pixel 5 could even be below the Pixel 4 at 699 euros and continue the trend described. For me, it can go on like this.