Por que a estas celebridades les gustan los tatuajes de plumas

Why these celebrities like feather tattoos

Why these celebrities like feather tattoos

Tattoo inspiration

Hardly any body jewelry is as diverse as tattoos as there are countless motifs and techniques to choose from and we always get stylish tattoo inspirations from Pinterest, Instagram, and co. Today we want to introduce you to feather tattoos, which in addition to arrow tattoos are especially popular with celebrities. We will tell you why this is the case and what feather tattoos symbolize!

When it comes to tattoos, we want to look as individual as possible like almost no other area. However, each era also has its fashions and, therefore, motifs that appear with particular frequency. However, when it comes to tattoos, you have a lot of creative freedom, and together with your tattoo artist, you can design a motif that not necessarily everyone has. Although feather tattoos are so popular, almost none are the same. We will show you the various design options and locations using particularly stylish celebrity tattoos.

Leona Lewis wears a particularly delicate feather tattoo on her left shoulder.

Tender, tender, feather tattoos

Rumer Willis had a small peacock tail tattooed on his upper arm.

There are many reasons why feather tattoos are so popular. From an aesthetic point of view, feather motifs are very suitable for tattoos because their narrow and flexible shapes allow them to adapt optimally to any part of the body. Symmetrical tattoos, such as round mandala tattoos, are best for large flat areas of the body. The delicate, narrow feathers, on the other hand, can be placed particularly well on arched parts of the body such as the shoulder, under the chest, or even small behind the ear. With her subtle feather tattoo on her shoulder, Leona Lewis shows how effective the little motif can be with a strapless evening dress.

This is what feather tattoos represent

Lenny Kravitz’s daughter also has a feather tattoo on her forearm.

Feather tattoos are not only popular for their shape. Hardly any other motif is as timeless and universal as that of the pen. Feathers have had a high symbolic value in different cultures for thousands of years. The reason for this is, on the one hand, the connection between the feathers and the respective birds, as well as the ability to fly freely in the air. For many, feather tattoos symbolize an abstract feeling of freedom and independence. Feather tattoos are meant to express the desire to move freely from one place to another like a feather. Depending on how it is presented, a delicate white feather can also be associated with innocence and a new beginning.

Musician Bethany Cosentino shows off her feather tattoo on her neckline.

Often, however, the feather motifs are also directly related to the birds from which they came. So if you decide to get a feather tattoo, you can consider whether you associate a special feature with the feather of a certain bird. For example, peacock feathers are commonly considered insignia of beauty and nobility, while owl feathers express intelligence and wisdom. You also have the option of getting a single feather or the tail of a peacock tattooed like Bruce Willis’ daughter and actress Rumer Willis. Of course, you don’t have to stick to these given meanings and you may have completely different associations with your feather tattoo.

But not so delicate: the feather tattoo with a difference

Singer Michelle Branch features her striking feather tattoo.

Most opt ​​for feather tattoos because they appreciate the delicate shape. Feather tattoos can also be etched into distinctive thick lines in the classic tattoo or comic style. If you prefer to symbolize courage and strength like singer Michelle Branch, perhaps you should take a look at raptors. Eagle feathers are particularly popular, based on the cultural heritage of North American Indians, as symbols of the power and power of the wind.

Are you already designing your tattoo with the feathers of your favorite bird on your head? If you like subtle motifs, maybe watercolor tattoos or white tattoos are something for you. Or how about a decorative mandala tattoo?

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