Prepago: Próximamente empezará la tarifa anual con 5G en la mejor red por menos de 100 euros

Why You Should Switch Windows Smartphones

Prepaid: The annual rate with 5G on the best network will start soon for less than 100 euros

Windows 10 Mobile is at the end, there is no longer any maintenance for Microsoft products and services like WhatsApp will soon be unavailable.

It’s not just support for popular apps for the Windows smartphone operating system that is running out. Microsoft itself is also discontinuing product maintenance for the most recently released Windows 10 Mobile. For customers, this means that they will no longer receive updates, so no more bugs will be fixed. In particular, security holes that may not have been discovered yet will definitely remain open. The older the devices get, the greater the risk to users.

Windows 10 Mobile is at the end of its days

As Microsoft itself announced, December 10, 2019 was the last day for Windows 10 Mobile. There is no longer support, resources are being transferred internally to other projects.

Starting December 10, 2019, Windows 10 Mobile users will no longer be able to receive new security updates, non-security fixes, free support options, or free online updates for technical content from Microsoft.

What Windows 10 Mobile Users Should Do Now

Microsoft advises switching to Android or iOS devices at the end of Windows 10 Mobile. Defeat, which was certainly true many years ago, has finally been accepted. Instead, Microsoft is bringing more and more of its own services and applications to the other operating systems.

A change is also essential due to various applications, WhatsApp will only be compatible with Windows mobile smartphone until December 31st. After all, the end of Windows 10 Mobile falls on Christmas, there are new smartphone deals almost every day.

The last month of WhatsApp on Windows Phone