¿El ciberacoso pronto será un delito?

Will cyberbullying soon be a crime?

Will cyberbullying soon be a crime?

Cyberbullying is a big topic in the media from time to time, because sometimes bullying on the Internet has a tragic end. One of the best known cases is that of the Canadian Amanda toddwho has been bullied for years. In a video message, he told the world his story. It is one Chain bullying, blackmail, changing schools and also physical argumentswhich led to the fact that the girl not only asked for help publicly, but also led to suicide. Amanda was only 15 years old.

Not all cases end in suicide, but a few bad words can do that. Self esteem scratching and causing permanent damage to people of all ages, but especially teenagers. The problem is that many people feel anonymous online and the inhibition threshold automatically drops accordingly. It’s easier to scold someone anonymously than to tell someone else to the face.

Another downside is that the Internet is so present in our lives that victims have virtually no way to escape. If he used to be bullied at school, at least he had a safe home. This is no longer possible today, as harassment continues permanently on the Internet.

Uwe Leest, Executive Director of the Alliance Against Cyberbullying, calls for a law to criminalize intimidation attacks. In an interview with d-radio he explained: “There are enough legal regulations in quotes, paragraphs that could be used. At the moment, it’s just that these are not used legally, so to speak, because petty crimes are talked about too often. The issue is not taken seriously enough in society, and that is why we are calling for a cyberbullying law. “

But what can politics and parents do? Most victims feel ashamed and blame themselves and do not speak to anyone about it. Education is an important focus, but it must also be passed on to the perpetrators Anonymity is not a justification for common cyberbullying.

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