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Will Dagi, Bibi & Co. stop using YouTube?

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KellyMissesVlog, Melina, Dagi, Julien Bam & Co .: All YouTubers have noticed in recent weeks that less views upload your clips. Even PewDiePie, who is the highest earning YouTuber in the world, noticed the change and wanted to remove his channel as a signal! But then he didn’t do that after all. What happened now?

Like other platforms, YouTube constantly adapts its algorithm. And the latest tweaks mean videos that were previously always trending and recommended are no longer supported on YouTube. Now you can also find smaller channels with good content there. And the great YouTubers notice it.

+ + Not many videos recommended anymore + +

KellyMissesVlog says, for example, that 64 percent of your visits are said to come from the “Recommended” page only. A heavy blow to all who did! But it also shows that subscribers are not actively going to your channel or finding your channel in search. He apparently got so many views just for showing his videos on someone else’s videos!

And since YouTube is generally against Fake accounts Y inactive subscriptions is happening, no wonder such a change has been introduced. These so-called fake accounts are now also deleted every day; This is why a YouTuber can lose more subscriptions in one day than they get. But that is nothing new (see below).

The subscription box is also crazy for many. But that may also be a mistake YouTube has yet to correct; after all, there are only people behind him who can make mistakes.