Noticias de Trumpland: TikTok está amenazado con la prohibición, Microsoft está ayudando

Will TikTok soon stop being Chinese to not be banned?

Trumpland News: TikTok Threatened With Ban, Microsoft Helping

TikTok is extremely popular around the world and dominates the app lists of the two major app stores. But there is the threat of a ban by the US, solutions are needed.

TikTok is currently threatening Huawei’s fate in the US and thus possibly more consequences on the global market. Now the parent company and startup are working in the background on a new idea to protect TikTok from a ban and build trust. They say they may want to sell part of the company. TikTok venture investors are looking for a solution to avoid a Trump administration ban.

Venture investors at TikTok’s parent company ByteDance Ltd. made a series of proposals to address US concerns that the short video app poses a security threat, according to those familiar with the matter. This includes selling a majority stake in TikTok to US interests, perhaps strategic investors or the venture companies themselves. “

TikTok Meets Americans

Recently, TikTok has invested more in lobbying in the US, promises to keep user data on US servers, wants to create jobs, and makes other concessions to be able to continue operating in the US Distrust of TikTok, obviously , appears to exist at the level that has caused serious problems for Huawei since May 2019.

A ban could even mean that US companies Apple and Google will have to remove the app from their app stores. The nightmare to be prevented.

TikTok and Co .: What if Chinese apps are banned?

Split TikTok?

One solution that is not very popular internally would even be to completely separate the American part of TikTok from Bytedance and the rest of the startup. Which in turn would have many disadvantages, for example for international advertising partners. There would be some similar solutions that are definitely under discussion. You just don’t want to miss out on the US market and especially not availability on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

A vicious cycle. A lot depends on the US government around the world because the two largest smartphone companies, Apple and Google, are American. The global consequences for Huawei have been unique so far, but that could even serve as an example. TikTok had recently lost the huge Indian market, where Chinese apps are now banned.