Auriculares inalámbricos: New Ticpods 2 disponible desde 99 €

Wireless headphones: New Ticpods 2 available from € 99

Wireless headphones: New Ticpods 2 available from € 99

For a change, Mobvoi has again introduced new headphones, the wireless Ticpods are in their second generation. Newer technology and more gesture control.

I was not completely wowed by the first generation Ticpods, the second generation should do much better. The Ticpods 2 and Ticpods 2 Pro have now been introduced by Mobvoi. There are some positive changes on board, such as the switch to a USB-C connection for the charging case. In addition to touch control, there is now TicHear, a voice control for the music player. TicMotion in Ticpods 2 Pro also recognizes the gestures made by the user with the head.

TicPods 2 Pro can be controlled with gestures

“Thanks to the AI ​​functions, TicPods 2 Pro can issue commands through gestures. Calls can be accepted by shaking your head twice. Calls are rejected if the user shakes their head twice. The tickle function (patented touch control) is available on both models and allows quick operation to play or pause music or take calls.

The new headphones eliminate background noise through a microphone and Qualcomm aptX is built in for higher audio quality. The switch to the better Bluetooth 5, which allows for lower latency and longer range, is equally rewarding. White, blue and red are the available colors. The earbuds last about 4 hours on a single charge and another 20 hours on power from the case.

The market launch is soon, the new headphones are already listed on Amazon.