¡Con el pelo engrosando hasta la melena de ensueño!

With the hair thickening up to the dreamy mane!

With the hair thickening up to the dreamy mane!

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Thin or sparse hair, hair loss or even bald spots on the head: all women get goose bumps just thinking about it. For a quarter of the fair sex, this nightmare is indeed a reality. And if you think that only older women are affected, you are sadly wrong. But do not spread panic. If affected, hair thickening can work wonders! We’ll show you the best ways to get your hair back to volume and strength! Is hair thickening a sensible measure to remedy this? What possibilities of hair thickening are there and everyone can afford it?

You also know for sure: the brush is full of unusual hair, a whole lock collects in the drain after washing your hair, and after drying your hair, the floor is covered in hair. Like all women, you are probably wondering: is it still normal? Here we can give the go ahead for the moment: if you lose 100 hairs a day, it is perfectly normal. Especially if you have long hair, the amount of hair lost often looks more dramatic than it actually is. If you really suffer from the medical phenomenon of hair loss, you will recognize it mainly in your head and not by the brush or the drain.

With fur seal to a whale’s mane

For whom is hair thickening suitable?

In principle, hair thickening is an option for all those who suffer from fine, fine or fine hair. If you have severe hair loss, it is best to have a doctor examine the cause. Because hair loss can have a wide variety of reasons: from hormonal factors to adverse environmental influences such as stress or pollution, to improper hair care. If you can fight the cause, for example with medicine or by changing your diet, so much the better! Otherwise, hair thickening is the most natural and permanent way to mask the effects of hair loss, i.e. hair thinning and baldness. However, fine, fine hair is not always due to hair loss. In many women, the structure of fine hair is simply genetic. But here too thickening of the hair can help and therefore create a dreamy mane.

Hair thickening: how to get a whale mane!

Hair thickening is the addition of your own real hair with strands or hairpieces. These can consist of real hair or synthetic synthetic hair. Unlike extensions, hair thickening is not meant to lengthen your own hair, but to make it look thicker, fuller, and fuller. At best, artificially incorporated hair should not be distinguished from natural hair in terms of length, color, and structure; after all, the thickening of the hair should not be noticeable. There are different types of hair thickening that are individually tailored to your needs. The most famous and classic way is the streak method. This is very similar to the principle of extensions: individual strands of real or synthetic hair are attached to natural hair with special, very small and inconspicuous connecting pieces, called joints. Compared to extensions, significantly fewer strands are used and the strands are chosen to be the same length as real hair. This method is especially helpful if you have naturally fine hair. In the case of hair loss, this type of hair thickening is quite counterproductive, as the seams put extra pressure on the hair and bald areas usually cannot be covered properly.

Hair Thickening – The Easy Way To Get Beautiful Hair

The top hair method is more suitable for hair loss. In this form of hair thickening, a hair piece made of external hair is attached to the top of the head. This can be done with adhesives if you want it to stay in place permanently, or with clips if you want to attach and remove the hairpiece yourself. The hairpiece consists of an innovative and breathable high-tech fabric to which real hair adheres. Natural hair mixes discreetly with artificially bonded hair, so the thickening of the hair is very subtle and discreetly hides bald spots and thinning hair.Another possibility of thickening hair is the highlines method, in which very fine invisible micro threads are inserted into natural hair. Real hair is attached to these strands, which blends in discreetly with your hair. The advantage over the strand method: synthetic hair can also be attached to the top of the head, so that sparse areas are better covered. Additionally, strands of other shades of color can be worked into the hair with Highlines, so that the hair is not only condensed and plump, but also great highlights and color accents are brought into the hair at the same time.

Hair thickening: costs your new mane

A dreamy mane is unfortunately not cheap: you should plan between 150 and 400 euros so that the thickening of your hair evokes a discreet and discreet volume on your head. The final price depends on the method chosen and the current state of your hair. You should keep in mind that the thickening of the hair lasts between 4 and 8 months, after which the built-in strands or strands must be renewed. Therefore, permanent hair thickening can cost up to 1000 euros per year. In the case of medical hair loss or severe psychological stress, thickening of the hair is covered in some cases by health insurance. It is definitely worth talking to a doctor!

What alternatives to thickening hair are there?

You’ve probably already noticed the many tinctures, remedies, and preparations that are said to have fabulous effects for thinning and thinning hair in advertising. Sadly, we have to disappoint them, because none of the products can do magic! No vitamin in the world can turn bald spots into full hair overnight or turn thin locks into full hair; if it does, it is yet to be discovered. If you are really suffering from your hair condition, you should invest the money and think about thickening your hair. Another alternative is to buy a wig or hairpiece. The downside is that these don’t stick to your natural hair, so you can’t behave as naturally with a wig or hairpiece as with thickened hair. With the thickening of the hair, you can do sports, go to the sauna or the swimming pool and do your hair as usual – the thickening of the hair does not restrict you at all in your daily life!

Thick, thick hair is THE hallmark of femininity and sex appeal. As a result, those who suffer from thinning or even thinning hair often have a broken self-confidence and try to end the suffering by all means and ways. Hair thickening is the most natural and discreet method of providing relief. So, if you really suffer from your hair condition, it may be worth setting aside the money you would otherwise spend on countless wonderful drugs and dyes and save on hair thickening – a dreamy mane! it is guaranteed!

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