Con el "Monsieur Claude"-Sons-in-Law: tráiler alemán de la comedia "Hecho en China"

With the "Monsieur Claude"-Sons-in-Law: German comedy trailer "Made in China"

With the "Monsieur Claude"-Sons-in-Law: German comedy trailer "Made in China"

In the French hit “Monsieur Claude and His Daughters,” Frédéric Chau plays the son-in-law of a stubborn Claude, who is not preferred due to his Asian origins. “Made In China” is also about roots, family and a stubborn father …

Photographer François (Frédéric Chau) has had no contact with his family and, therefore, with his Asian roots since a dispute with his father ten years ago. But when his girlfriend Sophie (Julie De Bona) happily announces that she is expecting a child, François decides to reconnect with his family for the sake of his future offspring. With his best friend Bruno (Medi Sadoun) as moral support, he dares to return to the Chinatown of Paris after many years. And as the lovable and stupid Bruno falls in love with François’s cousin, the prodigal son learns to his amazement that numerous aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews are heartily delighted by his return home. Only François’s father and his little brother, whom he hardly knows, seem not to be interested in him …

Frédéric Chau’s role as son-in-law in the French comedy “Monsieur Claude and His Daughters”, which was unwelcome due to his origins, made Frédéric Chau a star. But now the actor himself dares to bring a movie to life. Inspired by the story of his own life, the 41-year-old wrote the screenplay for “Made In China” and slides into the role of young photographer François in the tragicomedy. At his side, Chau brought his colleague “Monsieur Claude” Medi Sadoun, who plays François’s best friend, Bruno.

“Made In China” opens in theaters on July 18, 2019.