Con este nuevo controlador puedes jugar con tu teléfono inteligente mientras viajas

With this new controller you can play with your smartphone while traveling

With this new controller you can play with your smartphone on the go

Razer introduces a new controller for smartphones, which this time should also be compatible with devices from many other Android manufacturers.

Play mobile games without limits and convenience, that’s what Razer wants to make possible for us with its latest smartphone accessories. Kishi has now been introduced for this purpose. It is a mobile controller in which the respective smartphone is attached. Compatible with Android devices, an iPhone version is also planned. Razer is jumping on the bandwagon, this controller is designed primarily for cloud gaming. Stadia, xCloud and Co, what awaits us now. Play full games right on your smartphone.

Kishi: universal controller for smartphones

Rather than simply operating its own devices, Razer wants to target all or at least as many smartphone owners as possible with Kishi. “Extremely low latency cloud and native game control is now provided over a hidden USB-C or Apple Lightning connection. Kishi’s pass-through charging ports allow devices to charge while you play. The Kishi for Android is compatible with most Android or iOS games compatible with mobile controllers, including native titles and cloud services.

Kishi will be available soon. Razer has yet to set a price. We can count on € 100.