Vodafone: Tarifas promocionales actuales con más volumen de datos que las nuevas tarifas de noviembre

With Vodafone Pass now to other EU countries

Vodafone: Current promotional rates with more data volume than the new rates for November

Vodafone has made a decision and now flipped the switch. Vodafone Pass users are no longer tied to their data volume, even in other EU countries.

Vodafone has introduced an innovation for the Vodafone Pass under pressure from various court decisions. Now the zero rating option of the red tariffs can also be used freely in other EU countries. However, there is only a small restriction, as the maximum data volume for the Vodafone Pass is limited to 39GB due to a fair policy abroad. Most users should vacation easily, even with a large amount of video streaming via Netflix and Co.

The Vodafone Pass can now also be used in neighboring countries

With the Vodafone Pass, you can use the applications of currently participating partners in Germany without depleting your data volume. Your Vodafone Pass is also valid in other EU countries, in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Here you have a data volume of 39GB per month, no matter how many passes you have.

The new feature applies to all Vodafone Pass options, regardless of whether it is a chat, social media, music or video pass. You can get more information about this directly from Vodafone on a special page.

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