WLAN-Telefonie am iPhone: So einfach geht’s!

WLAN calling with iPhone – this is how it works

WLAN-Telefonie am iPhone: So einfach geht's!

Your iPhone has no reception, but you still want to make a call? Fortunately, Apple has incorporated a feature in its main devices with which you can easily make calls over the WLAN. We explain how it works with the WLAN call.

Anyone waiting for an important call is especially upset when they don’t have a network. With an iPhone this is not a problem at all. Because Apple also enables WLAN telephony with its devices. So you can call friends and acquaintances if you don’t have a network and can still be contacted.

WiFi calling is also known as VoWIFI. This is the abbreviation for Voice over WIFI. This is a service from your provider that provides a voice call over the WLAN network. It works similar to Voice over LTE, or VoLTE for short, in that users make calls over the LTE network. While with VoLTE the speed depends mainly on a few Kbit / s of the data volume, with VoWIFI most of the Mbit / s are available, resulting in better sound quality on the call.

WLAN call with an iPhone: requirements

However, a few requirements must be met: you need an iPhone 5c or newer device. In addition, the latest version of the software must be installed and a stable WLAN connection must be available.

This is how WLAN telephony is activated

To activate WLAN telephony, you must proceed as follows:

  1. Open your iPhone settings.
  2. Choose there telephone Y Wi-Fi calls outside.
  3. Slide the slider to the right to WiFi calling on iPhone Activate.

Attention: It may happen that you have to enter an address for emergency services, as the option is also intended for emergency calls. If the option is activated, the WLAN symbol is displayed behind the name of the network operator.

Looking for a good reception?

WLAN telephony is particularly suitable as a reception amplifier. If you are in a building with thick concrete walls, the network is usually very bad. With the function you can significantly increase the reception. This not only makes it easier to communicate with you, but it also increases call quality and shortens call setup times. You can also use WiFi calling abroad to save roaming costs.