Wolfgang Bahro: Planes para la salida "GZSZ"

Wolfgang Bahro: Plans for the “GZSZ” start

Wolfgang Bahro: Plans for the exit "GZSZ"

Jo gerner

He’s a “GZSZ” veteran: Wolfgang Bahro. For almost 25 years he has played the villain Dr. Jo Gerner on the Daily Soap and that won’t change anytime soon. However, the actor still has a specific idea of ​​how he would like to turn out.

“GZSZ” fans take note: Wolfgang Bahro aka Dr. Jo Gerner will be staying with the Daily Soap for a while, because the 56-year-old recently extended his contract for another five years. The actor didn’t have to think twice. In an interview with RTL, Wolfgang Bahro revealed: “If you have good offers, you must accept them.” His “almost 25 years of collaboration with the production” also made him decide.

The “GZSZ” actor already revealed in advance how exciting his role will be: “Gerner will first plunge into an affair with a woman close to him and then inspire a much younger woman, but this love is problematic. . What comes next, only the stars, our authors and the producer know, ”says Wolfgang Bahro.

Dramatic exit for Dr. Jo Gerner?

Even if it continues for a while, a concrete idea of ​​how he, as Dr. Jo Gerner wants to get out of “GZSZ”, but he already has. Already in January Wolfgang Bahro revealed in an interview with “Promiflash” how his last scene should be: “Gerner is on a yacht and is heading towards the setting sun and suddenly the ship explodes because some villain said: ‘I’m going to kill Gerner . And then the drama would run its course: the boat explodes, everything catches fire and everyone thinks, ‘Oh, that was with Jo Gerner!’ And then all of a sudden a periscope appears out of the water, out of a submarine and then you know: Gerner is sitting there, he did it. “

That sounds really dramatic, and a little bit funny too. In any case, we hope that Wolfgang Bahro aka Dr. Jo Gerner “GZSZ” will stay for a long time. Because daily soap is now hard to imagine without the villain.

Image Source: Getty Images / Sascha Steinbach