Mujer se quema mientras se tiñe el cuero cabelludo

Woman burns while coloring her scalp

Woman burns while coloring her scalp

Kirsty Weston’s scalp was recorded

That sounds like a horror story in itself, but it just gets worse! He didn’t just stop with a headache and a puffy face. The chemical reaction was so strong that it ripped the skin off the middle of her neck.

When he went to the hospital two days later, since the swelling in his face and the pain did not subside, he was there for a allergic reaction treated. But after two weeks I was still feeling dizzy, nauseous, and pain in the back of my neck. Then, after another visit to the emergency room, it was discovered that he had suffered severe burns. “A plastic surgeon came to examine me. When he lifted my hair, half of my scalp came off with “Kirsty Weston says.

She had to be operated on immediately the next day and passed six weeks in the hospital. However, the burns were so severe that the skin from his thigh had to be transplanted to the back of his head.

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