Mujer advierte contra tatuarse los ojos

Woman cautions against eye tattooing

Woman cautions against eye tattooing

Bad consequences

Catt Gallinger is a 24-year-old tattoo and body modification model. About four months ago, she decided to get a sclera tattoo, a tattoo in which the whites of her eyes are tattooed. A decision that the young woman regrets today. His eye is disfigured and part of his sight is probably lost forever.

Catt Gallinger has made it her mission to warn other tattoo fans about the great risks of sclera tattoos. “Please share this with as many people as you can,” the Canadian wrote in a Facebook post. “At the moment it is planned that I will have to see a specialist and be on the verge of going blind if he cannot repair the damage. This damage was caused by undiluted ink that sprayed my eye in too large amounts and in too few individual spots. “

Catts warns of sclera tattoos

In the photos that the young woman shares through social networks, it can be seen that her eye was completely swollen and closed just one day after the tattoo. Three weeks later, a thick purple layer had formed on the eye. Even today, a few weeks later, he cannot open his eye properly and is in constant pain. His advice to others is very clear: “Don’t risk it! I took my sight for granted and trusted someone who didn’t deserve it. “

So a sclera tattoo is not advisable. Fortunately, however, there are many other tattoo sites that are completely beautiful and harmless. Find out which one suits you with our test!

What kind of tattoo are you?

Eye surgery, which is supposed to save part of her sight, is imminent for Catt. We hope that the operation goes well and that your pain can be reduced.