Las mujeres en la India no quieren ser Cenicienta, la razón es realmente triste

Women in India don’t want to be Cinderella, the reason is really sad

Women in India don't want to be Cinderella, the reason is really sad

A young Indian woman was stalked in Chandigarh

Varnika Kundu from Chandigarh City That night she was driving home from a shopping center when she noticed a jeep following her the entire time. But that alone was not enough for the drivers. Again and again they tried to force Varnika to stop and saw their opportunity when she had to stop at a red light. They got out and ran to their car. Varnika reacted in an instant, she simply turned and alerted the police, who promised to help. But the ghost still had no end. Varnika Kundu could alert the police, but was unable to get rid of the stalkers. They were followed for a full six kilometers until the police finally arrived and arrested them. Anyone who now thinks that Indian women will still get justice here is sadly mistaken. Because the next day the two young men were released again. One of the two is the son of the president of the ruling party, according to the media. But instead of silencing this case, the party’s vice president, Ramveer Bhatti, who belongs to the conservative right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is succeeding. “This girl shouldn’t have left at midnight. Why did he keep driving so late at night?“The politician is said to have said in an interview.