Retrato de trabajo: veterinario

Working portrait: veterinarian

Working portrait: veterinarian

The job Vet regularly ranks first among girls’ dream jobs, and the number of women Veterinarians increases year after year. But regardless of whether you want to work in a small animal practice or treat horses, this job demands a lot from you: overtime, on-call duty on weekends, and of course dealing with the suffering and death of animals.

Mä has vet Dr. Armin Kirchdorfer from the Gessertshausen animal clinic near Augsburg the most important questions about Dream job as a vet raised.

What school qualifications / what studies do you need as a veterinarian?Abitur (general university degree) and the study of veterinary medicine

What are the other requirements?A lot of perseverance, will and love for animals

How long do the studies last?5 ½ years (basic studies)

What does a vet earn?Approx. 1500 euros (starting salary) up to approximately 4000 euros gross

What career opportunities does a veterinarian have?This profession is very complex: you can work as a specialist veterinarian and, for example, specialize in certain animal species. Or improvement and specialized training in all areas of veterinary medicine: dermatology, cardiology, etc. There are also many options in pharmacy and in the food industry.

What do you think is the best thing about this job?I have a lot of contact with very different animals (and people). No day is like the other …

And what is the “worst”?Sleepless nights

What advice can you give a girl who wants to be a vet?Keep up!!!