Ira contra los cazadores

Wrath Against Hunters

Wrath Against Hunters

Update: dentist shoots popular lions

Time and time again, hunters draw a storm of protest when they proudly pose for photos with photographed animals. Worried last week an American dentist caused a sensation, because he shot the popular lion “Cecil” on a hunting trip in the Hwange African National Park. Cecil was the symbol of the national park and impressed many visitors. The funny animal actually lived in the national park, where it was not allowed to be shot, it is said that the dentist and his companions took the lion out of the sanctuary. Both African and American authorities are investigating him. However, his practice is closed and there is still no trace of himself.

Zimbabwe has reacted now and is setting a good example for many others: from now on, hunting of lions, leopards and elephants will no longer be allowed in the areas bordering the national park.

Controversial photos with dead animals

Already with Ten years ago, Kendall was in Zimbabwe for the first time, Africa. She went there with her parents. His father went hunting at the time and brought dead animals home. That was exactly why she seemed to be so fascinated that just a short time later picked up the first rifle himself and went hunting.

At first glance, the pretty blonde from Texas looks like a girl like any other. But she has a hobby that only they can at least understand. yougoes hunting and kills animals there. What is unusual, however, is that later posing proudly in photos with animal carcasses and yourself as one “Protector of nature” It represents. But the shit storm came with the first photos. Many are shocked and saddened by the photos of the blonde.

Hunting is not necessarily illegal

What many a terrible sight It is and where so many animal rights activists and animal lovers, a chill runs down the spine. for hunters a “contribution to the conservation of the species”. The 20-year-old shoots protected animal species, but she does it officially nothing illegal.

Hunting licenses are issued in many African countries every year. Hunters often pay large amounts of money just to be able to hunt and shoot the animals. The income from these licenses should then, according to the hunters, flow towards the conservation of the species and the protection of the animals against poachers.