Factor X: ¡Edita Abdieski lo hizo!

X Factor: Edita Abdieski did it!

X Factor Winner

wantedthe 10/11/2010 | 10:35

In the final show of “X Factor”, Edita Abdieski and Big Soul went head to head. In the end, however, the powerful-voiced Cologne woman got ahead of the game and drew the audience to her side.

Edita Abdieski is the winner of “X Factor”.

They all dressed up for the finale of the first German season of “X Factor.” Moderator Jochen Schropp appeared in a tuxedo and the jury and candidates had dressed in suits and dresses for the evening. 2.91 million viewers tuned in to the final of “X Factor” last night to see Edita Abdieski and Big Soul sing for the win.

First it was the turn of the “X Factor” candidates with a cover. Big Soul sang, accompanied by George Glueck on piano, the Dionne Warwick classic “That’s what friends are for” and trumpeter Till Brönner also went on the keys to accompany the protégé Edita Abdieski. Her song “Run” by Snow Patrol had already brought luck to Leona Lewis, who was also a winner of “X Factor.”

The second title from the “X Factor” finalists must be held together with star guests Shakira and Xavier Naidoo. The appearance of Big Soul with Shakira, however, lost the desired star effect and the four round ladies from Hamburg seemed more background singers alongside the Colombian. The duo of Edita Abdieski and Xavier Naidoo performed much better and the “X Factor” candidate was also able to convince with German singing.

“X Factor”: Edits Abdieski in duet with Xavier Naidoo

After a solo performance by Shakira, it was time for the “X Factor” song “I Come To Live”, which will be the winner’s first single. Both Big Soul and Edita Abdieski mastered the specially composed track with ease, and “X Factor” judge Sarah Connor seemed to have found her favorite. “Edit, you are a star,” he enthuses after the Cologne artist’s appearance. The public apparently saw it similarly and ultimately chose Edita Abdieski as the winner of the night.

Edita Abdieki could hardly believe that she now has the “X Factor” and was very happy with the record deal with Sony Music. At the end of the show, the top nine acts got together again and sang the Take That hit “Back for Good” together. True to the motto: “Being there is everything”, they celebrated together the first season of “X Factor” and the winner Edita Abdieski. It will be interesting to see what the second season of 2011 holds.

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