X-Factor - La Sra. Greenbird hace volar las listas

X-Factor – Ms. Greenbird blows up the charts

X-Factor - Ms. Greenbird blows up the charts

Number one!

wanted04/01/2013 | 14:52

The success story of X-Factor winner Ms. Greenbird is starting to look promising. The sympathetic duo rose to the top of the charts with their first hit. A surprise after the bad ratings of the last season of X-Factor. But Mrs. Greenbird comes out on top with her music and honest way.

Who would have thought that? If the majority of the casting show’s winners are moderately successful, the X Factor couple Ms. Greenbird is already taking off. Not only His album reached number 1 on the Top 100 album of the media control charts, Sarah and Steffen also make all the other musicians look old on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Mrs. Greenbird is sung at number 1 on the charts.

X Factor draws attention in 2012 mainly with poor ratings. Only true X Factor fans initially saw the sympathetic band Mrs. Greenbird, who managed to fight their way to victory. Rightly so, because the pair is already at the top of the charts. Especially after the failure of X Factor, it came as a surprise that Ms. Greenbird can hold her own in the music industry.Mrs. Greenbird try it on everyone

Mrs. Greenbird knows that not everyone likes Msuik, of course. Singer Sarah revealed in an interview with the “Schwarzwälder Boten”: “I think a lot of people can’t grab us because I’m wearing feather skirts and earrings and Steffen has an acoustic guitar; it’s easy to get into a drawer ”. But X Factor star Sarah seems to have underestimated herself and her boyfriend or our openness to new things. Because it seems that the music polarizes more than the duo thought. Mrs. Greenbird could hardly believe her luck. Sarah Nücken and Steffen Brücken, who are also a couple in their private lives, posted on Facebook: “The new year begins as brilliantly as the previous one ended: we discovered it through a reliable source That our album will enter the official album charts at # 1 on Friday! People… 1st place… 🙂 That’s so amazing !! 🙂 A real sensation… you really make us the happiest birds in the nation 😉 ” The two X Factor winners are really nice. I must say again that casting show winners are not successful. We like feather earrings like Ms. Greenbird’s acoustic guitar and we’re excited to see what else we can expect from the two “birds”.

Image source: VOX / Ralf Jürgens