Factor X: ¡La gran final!

X factor: The grand finale!

The end of “X Factor”!

wantedthe 09/11/2010 | 10:39

For the grand finale of “X Factor”, Xavier Naidoo and Shakira have announced that they will sing alongside the finalists Edita Abdieski and Big Soul. Tonight at 8:15 pm VOX.

Finalists of “X Factor” Edita Abdieski and “Big Soul”

Tonight, VOX is showing the big season finale of “X Factor”. Edita Abdieski and Big Soul are the finalists and they will show tonight that they didn’t hold their own against 19,000 competitors for nothing. Trumpeter star and juror Till Brönner accompanies Edita Abdieski on the finale of “X Factor” and George Glück is the mentor of Big Soul from Hamburg. In addition to individual performances, the finalists will perform songs with star guests Shakira and Xavier Naidoo and sing the group’s song “Back for Good” alongside the top nine nominees.

“Edita is the ‘racehorse’ in the competition,” says “X Factor” judge Till Brönner of his finalist and Edita was also able to convince the rest of the “X Factor” jury with her soulful voice right from the start. . The beautiful waitress presented her skills in front of “X Factor” as a cover band singer and is now looking forward to a great singing career. Edita has a preview of tonight in duet with Xavier Naidoo. Gossip frontman Beth Ditto also kept her fingers crossed for the Cologne woman and admitted after a mutual encounter: “I’m intimidated because she’s just a better singer than me.”

With Big Soul, however, Edita Abdieski has some serious competition, because the four chubby women from Hamburg not only convinced the jury and mentor of “X Factor” George Glück. Tine Wittler, Vera Int-Veen and Maite Kelly have also come out as fans and wish Big Soul the best of luck for the final. The four ladies of the soul can look forward to an appearance with Shakira tonight. With the Colombian, Big Soul will present the song “Underneath your Clothes” in the grand finale of “X Factor” and will give everything so that the fans and the jury are on his side.

The award for the winner of “X Factor” is a contract with Sony Music and a career in the music business. To leave the final as the winner, the finalists must convince the public and encourage them to call. Edita Abdieski and Big Soul will work hard and create great songs and performances.

Image source: VOX