X Factor con un nuevo invitado estrella

X Factor with a new star guest

Jason Derulo as jury

wantedthe 10/11/2011 | 14:31

Sarah Connor, Das Bo and Till Brönner are back on the “X Factor” jury today

Last week, the “X Factor” jury Till Brönner already selected their four candidates for the live shows. A chilling, chilling game for all eight candidates on their jury, because there are only four spots in each “X Factor” category for live shows. On today’s show, Das Bo and Sarah Connor also have to set their favorites and they too can only take four candidates. In order not to have to make the difficult decision alone, the two members of the “X Factor” jury have outstanding support.

“X Factor” live at the desired time

After Das Bo introduced his co-jury Melanie C last week, we can look forward to another superstar from the music business this week. Sarah Connor asked Jason Derulo for help. The successful charter leader will be available to provide advice and support to the “X Factor” bands. Here, whenever you want, we’ll keep you posted on all the exciting decisions made tonight. Because this week we will report live on the events of “X Factor”. We would be delighted to have you there, post your thoughts on the program and the candidates, and comment on the program with us.

8.15 pm: Let’s start a new round of “X Factor”

Who will Das Bo and Melanie C cast? The decision will not be easy for either of you.

8:27 pm.: The first decision has been made

Martin is the first candidate of his group in live shows. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Sebastian. Unfortunately it is out.

For Jenny, too, the “X Factor” dream is over. You have to get out of the camp. Which of the girls will probably get on? It is still exciting.

Raffaela is also at stake! He made the leap to live shows. We congratulate her and wish her the best of luck.

Barne is out too. For half of the young candidates, the dream of a music career is over for now.

And Monique? Are you going further? Yes, Monique is there too. She is really relieved!

8:51 pm: Final decision made

Kassim is on. Das Bo has sent his four favorites on the run.

And go ahead with the bands and Sarah Connor. The weakest category so far. But we may be in for a surprise. So we can still be excited.

The band candidates still have a lot to learn and Sarah Connor and the singing teacher teach them and give them advice.

Can the newly formed girl band withstand the pressure and make their way into live shows? At the moment it still seems a bit shaky.

9:21 pm: Jason Derulo supports Sarah Connor on “X Factor”

Superstar Jason Derulo causes excitement in the bands. Now they have to work harder with their performance.

The bands are almost done with their shows and it won’t be an easy decision for Jason Derulo and Sara Connor. But until now, sadly, the big show has not taken place.

Now Sarah Connor faces the most difficult decision of the day. What four bands do you take to live shows?

9:56 pm.: The first decision has been made with the bands

Nika and Joe are the first band to appear on the “X Factor” live shows.

The newly formed girl band is unfortunately out. The experiment was unsuccessful. Candidates are shocked!

Soultrip is also at the live shows! All three guys did and are one step further.

The sibling trio sadly has to go and it wasn’t enough for Different twins alike either. Both bands have to “leave X Factor”.

BenMan, the two nice Swiss, did it. Live shows are waiting for you now.

A final decision is still missing and there are still two bands in the race. Who will win?

10:09 pm.: Final decision made

Daniel and Nathanaele are on the go. They are the latest band to hit the live shows.

Next week the long-awaited shows will finally be live and then the audience will decide who has what it takes to be the winner.

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