"X-Men: Fénix oscuro": Es por eso que el mayor favorito de los fanáticos no está en la película.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix": That’s why the biggest fan favorite is not in the movie.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix": That's why the biggest fan favorite is not in the movie.

So far he has appeared in each and every “X-Men” movie and even stopped for a brief cameo in “First Decision” and “Apocalypse.” But in “Dark Phoenix” Hugh Jackman is not there as Logan / Wolverine. Because in reality?


Aside from the “Deadpool” movies, Hugh Jackman appeared in all of the “X-Men” movies as Logan aka Wolverine. And even if his character in “Logan: The Wolverine” meets a well-deserved ending: Theoretically, an appearance in “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” would have been possible., because while “Logan” is set in 2029, the plot of “Dark Phoenix” is set in 1992. Regardless of the fact that the appearance of the most famous and popular mutant actor in Fox’s latest “X-Men” movie would have been deserved.

But Hugh Jackman has left the role of the clawed mutant behind forever and so far neither fan requests nor persistent attempts by colleague Ryan Reynolds to convince them to appear again as Wolverine, which after “Logan” would probably feel bad regardless of all timeline considerations. And “Dark Phoenix” director, screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg has a completely different explanation for Wolverine’s absence.

No romance between Wolverine and Jean

Because like Kinberg to that Rolling Stone She explained that she had spoken out against the fact that she didn’t want to show any romance between Logan, played by 50-year-old Jackman, and Jean Gray, played by 23-year-old Sophie Turner: “If you know the story of ‘Dark Phoenix’ then you will also want to serve the love story between Logan and Jean. And the idea of ​​Hugh Jackman, as great as he sounds for his age, and Sophie Turner, I just didn’t like it. And not everyone else either!“.

Kinberg initially refers to the “X-Men” comics, in which there was a triangular relationship between Logan, Jean, and Cyclops at the time of the “Dark Phoenix” comic story. And it probably also refers to the first “X-Men” trilogy and especially to “The Last Stand”, in which this triangular relationship was given a lot of space, but with the roughly equal actors Jackman, Famke Janssen and James Marsden. .

Projector for Jean Gray

Also, Kinberg really wanted to focus on Jean Gray in “Dark Phoenix”: It also played a role that this was the Jeans story and that he didn’t want to risk being distracted from it by integrating a fan favorite like Wolverine into the plot, according to Kinberg.I wanted it to be a completely different ‘X-Men’ cinematic experience.

“X-Men” is running from June 6, 2019 without Hugh Jackman in German cinemas. By the way, Jackman’s age and natural physique speak against the fact that he will be playing Wolverine again. You can find more here:

That is why the return of Hugh Jackman Wolverine is (for the moment) excluded.