"X-Men: Fénix oscuro": Es por eso que este personaje principal muere desde el principio.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix": That’s why this main character dies from the beginning.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix": That's why this main character dies from the beginning.

The trailer already anticipated it: After her transformation into the eponymous Phoenix, Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) caused a swath of devastation that her colleagues are not safe from either. Death comes particularly early …

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The text contains spoilers for “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.”

Already in the trailer for “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” it was strongly hinted that Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique would be one of the victims of the unleashed Jean Gray (Sophie Turner). The director and screenwriter Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: The Last Resistance”) even confirmed this shortly after in an interview and promised that “Dark Phoenix” would also have other “Big losses” would require. His movie “X-Men” is the emotional climax of the reboot movie series and he wants to do justice to the comic book saga with all consistency.

Complimentary return

It’s no coincidence that Lawrence’s character is the first member of the X-Men to jump on the sword: The actress who does not hide her aversion to the long makeup process that is necessary for her transformation into a mystique, He only returned to the superhero series out of a sense of duty, according to a statement.. His contract with his predecessor had already expired, as was his opposite Digital spy he explained, and had no desire for another branch. However, she stands in front of the camera one last time as Mystique in “Dark Phoenix.” Lawrence told her colleagues that she felt she owed it to fans to say goodbye to her character and not just let her disappear or be re-cast. Therefore, as an engagement, he returned for a fellowship visit, but the Hollywood star probably couldn’t be won over for a major role for the entire duration.

Jennifer Lawrence’s return was tied to one condition: Simon Kinberg had to be the one to direct “Dark Phoenix.” The actress already said this when it became clear that Bryan Singer would no longer work as a director of the “X-Men” films. “Jen [Lawrence] He said he won’t come back unless I direct. I had [vom Cast] a lot of support “, Kinberg revealed The Hollywood Reporter.

Are there more notable kills in “Dark Phoenix”?

Kinberg announced beforehand that Mystique would not be the only serious victim in “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.” However, after watching the movie, we can say with certainty that the director does not deliver on this promise in his movie. With the exception of Mystique, all members of the X-Men survive the encounter with the Dark Phoenix. Only Quicksilver (Evan Peters) is seriously injured in an argument with the powerful mutant and is tied to the bed for the rest of the film due to his recovery. However, it does not suffer any permanent damage.

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” has been in German cinemas since June 6, 2019. It is the last film in the main “X-Men” series, which was made by 20th Century Fox. In the future, mutants could appear in Marvel’s MCU, but why this might take a bit longer, you can find out here:

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