"X-Men: Fénix oscuro": Es por eso que los villanos sorprenden incluso a los conocedores de cómics

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix": That’s why villains surprise even comic book connoisseurs

What role does Jessica Chastain play in “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”? The answer to that question was kept under wraps until it hit theaters. Here you can find out all about the mysterious aliens and how they differ from the comics.

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For a long time it was said that Jessica Chastain would play the leader Shi’ar Lilandra in “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, who plays an important role in the original comic, but this information finally turned out to be incorrect: as early as December 2017 they in a report of Weekly entertainment as “alien shapeshifter“, A description that does not apply to the Lilandra from the comics.

After watching “Dark Phoenix” in the meantime, we can confirm that Chastain actually has such a “alien shapeshifter“Theater plays. Indeed the initial confusion about his role is understandable, because in the latest “X-Men” movie different plot elements and races from the comics mix and recombine.

Jessica Chastain is Vuk

Because it turns out Chastain plays a member of the alien race D’Bari by the name of Vuk. The D’Bari also play a role in the “Dark Phoenix Saga” in the comics, but a completely different role than in the movie: In the comics, nearly the entire race disappears when Jean Gray flies through space under the influence of the Phoenix Force and refreshes her powers by absorbing the sun’s energy into the D’Bari system. This will turn the star into a supernova and destroy the aliens’ home planet.

The few remaining D’Bari, including a male (!) Alien named Vuk, who once landed on earth, develop an understandable hatred of all people in the comics.

D’Bari = Skrulls + Shi’ar

In “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” the story of Jean and the D’Bari is reversed, so to speak: While Jean annihilated the aliens in the comics, the D’Bari wanted to use Jean’s powers in the movie to transform the earth into their new home after the destruction of their planet, wiping out all life on it.

At the same time, however, the D’Bari are also reminiscent of other alien races from the comics. In fact, they are actually a long-lived humanoid plant species that can reproduce by budding, but otherwise have no special abilities. In “Dark Phoenix,” however, they are shown with shapeshifting abilities that are in no way inferior to those of the Skrulls (aka “Captain Marvel”). And as an alien adversary of the X-Men take on the role of the Shi’ar from the comicswho want to catch and kill Jean after the destruction of D’Bari.

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” has been in German cinemas since June 6, 2019.. By the way, if you’ve lost track of the many time jumps and retcons in the “X-Men” universe: The following article provides an overview of time processes:

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