Serie X: Nuevos modelos de Xbox anunciados (video)

X Series: New Xbox Models Announced (Video)

X Series: New Xbox Models Announced (Video)

Microsoft presents its successor to Xbox One X, the new and more powerful Xbox Series X that can be seen in a video for the first time.

Microsoft does not hesitate much more, has announced the new Xbox Series X for next year. A video reveals some first details, including the striking design of the game consoles. In the last generation, the Xbox is more reminiscent of a computer than the game consoles of the last decades. The X series is vertical, which should take up a lot of space. Can you argue about how good it is? In any case, it is clear that this is the new console.

Xbox Series X is twice as fast

Of course, the announcement of a series is also exciting. As already known beforehand, Microsoft is going to offer a device with full performance and a variant of reduced performance but therefore also cheaper. Advantages over older Xbox models include the use of modern NVMe SSDs, and the CPU and GPU have been revamped. The Xbox Series X should hit 12 teraflops, which means doubling the Xbox One X. A console should never have been more responsive.

Microsoft optimizes Xbox controllers

“Its size and shape have evolved to fit an even greater number of people. It also has a new share button that makes it easy to take screenshots and game clips.

But basically the controller remains in its familiar form for many years, as the first pictures already show. Personally, I’m happy that the Xbox controller was always comfortable to hold.

The first video shows images of the X Series

As a final highlight, the Xbox team is showing a video that supposedly offers a glimpse of the graphics performance of the new devices. A game being developed for the X series is shown.

Unfortunately, we still need a lot of patience, as the X Series won’t be available until Christmas 2020.