Xbox Series X: Microsoft presenta el nuevo controlador

Xbox Series X: Microsoft Introduces New Controller

Xbox Series X: Microsoft Introduces New Controller

Suddenly things happen in rapid succession. After Microsoft showed the most important technical details of its new console in detail yesterday, Sony followed suit today and allows fans to compare the two new consoles with each other for the first time. Additionally, this year Microsoft and Sony will fight for customer favor when the Xbox Series X and Play Station 5 hit the market this holiday season.

However, there is one thing that Microsoft has talked about much more than its Japanese competitor: the design of the new console. After showing off the design for the new Xbox Series X in December, fans were now able to take a look at the new controller.

The Xbox Series X controller offers hardly any visual differences

The lower half of the controller has not changed compared to its predecessor. The good thing about this: All accessories, like attachable microphones, keyboards, and other adapters, work with both the old and new controller. However, Microsoft is reviewing the shoulder buttons: for better ergonomics, the Americans have enlarged them a bit, rounded them up, and added a knotted surface for a better grip.

The digital control panel has also been revised. This is now reminiscent of the separately available Elite controller directional pad. A completely new addition is a share button, with which excerpts from the game can be shared more quickly with others.

Compatible with countless devices

Even if Microsoft has only marginally changed the exterior of the Xbox Series X controller, there are many more innovations on the inside. Microsoft sees the new driver as the input device for all Microsoft products. Therefore, during development, great importance was placed on compatibility and use with multiple devices.

The controller works not only on the new Xbox Series X, but also on all generations of Xbox One and Windows. Microsoft has also installed Bluetooth Low-Energy for use with the Project Xcloud streaming service on the smartphone. Also, the controller saves multiple connected devices and there is no need to configure it every time the device is changed as the previous controller did. The controller can also be connected via cable.

Finally USB-C

You can charge the Xbox Series X controller through a modern USB-C port. However, the battery is not permanently installed yet. As before, there are two normal AA batteries in the controller, which can be exchanged for rechargeable batteries. The Xbox One Play and Charge kit will also continue to be supported.

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