Pantalla del ciclomotor eléctrico Xiaomi A1 Pro

Xiaomi A1 (Pro): the new electric mopeds are real bargains

Xiaomi A1 Pro Electric Moped Screen

The two electric mopeds A1 and A1 Pro are not manufactured directly by Xiaomi, but by its subsidiary 70mai. The maximum speed is limited to 25 km / h, but the most economical model can travel 60 km and the most expensive 70 km without having to replace the interchangeable lithium-ion batteries (16 and 20 Ah).

Xiaomi A1 vs. A1 Pro

Aside from the maximum driving distance, the two sister models still have a number of differences. However, before they are listed, a highlight that can be attributed to both electric mopeds should be mentioned: both the A1 and A1 Pro have a 6.86-inch color IPS screen that can be operated using the controls on the handlebars. . However, with the Xiaomi A1 Pro, the panel also supports touch control, while the electric moped listens for voice inputs.

Xiaomi A1 Pro Electric Moped Screen

Additionally, the Pro model offers a built-in wide-angle camera with a 123 ° viewing angle. Recordings can be conveniently stored on the 16GB internal memory or uploaded directly to your own social channels using LTE. The Xiaomi A1, on the other hand, only supports 2G and has no internal memory at all. Both models offer satellite navigation (also via GPS) and a moped search function. With the latter, the location of the vehicle is displayed on the smartphone.

More technical data for A1 mopeds:

  • Size: 161 x 68 x 104 cm (length x width x height)
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Tires: 16 inches
  • Degree of protection: IPX6
  • Colors: white, red, yellow, blue, gray

Price and availability

Currently, the moped is only available in China through Xiaomi’s own crowdfunding platform. However, that could change in the future. If so, the demand should be quite high, because the highlight of electric mopeds is their price. The Xiaomi A1 currently costs the equivalent of only 392 euros, while the Xiaomi A1 Pro puts 523 euros on the price scale. Later, after the pre-sale phase, the costs will increase to the equivalent of 484 and 615 euros, but they are still absolute savings prices compared to alternative electric vehicles.