OnePlus X está listo para celebrar su regreso como una nueva serie de teléfonos inteligentes

Xiaomi and OnePlus news early next year

OnePlus X is ready to celebrate its return as a new series of smartphones

OnePlus and Xiaomi are planning new products for the first quarter of next year, and some of the Chinese are already talking about new Android smartphones.

The next few weeks won’t be long without news, OnePlus and Xiaomi already have new products to announce early. First, OnePlus will show something at CES in Las Vegas, that is, directly and very shortly after the turn of the year. The Chinese have announced a special event for the first week of January, featuring the colors of McLaren smartphones. What to expect there has yet to be revealed and I still can’t believe in a new smartphone.

Xiaomi plans Mi 10 for the first quarter

From the Chinese clone of Facebook Weibo, it emerged in a discussion how OnePlus’ Chinese competitor Xiaomi is planning for the next few months. The Mi 10, the first major new flagship smartphone for the manufacturer for the coming year, could be presented in the first quarter. Under the hood with the Snapdragon 865. That’s been known for days.

Both Android OEMs now always bring their new hardware to Europe, so we are gradually getting excited about it. Xiaomi has yet to bring the new Redmi K30, possibly as the Mi 10T. At this point, it becomes clear how confusing the Xiaomi smartphone portfolio can be at times.

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