Xiaomi no trae nada nuevo para la serie Mix por ahora, deja caer Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi does not bring anything new for the Mix series for now, drops Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi does not bring anything new for the Mix series for now, drops Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi has continued to put its mixed series on hold. The successor to the Mi Mix 3 is yet to come another year.

Xiaomi had always liked to experiment with its Mix series, designing and selling quite atypical smartphones. But after Mi Mix 3 (2018), this series went quiet, even if it was quite popular with nerds and fans. Last year there was certainly a bigger experiment in mixing history with the Mi Mix Alpha, but unfortunately bad news.

At least in Chinese there seems to be a more or less detailed statement from Xiaomi about what will happen to the Mix series in the future. From a current point of view, probably not much, at least no Mi Mix 4 is planned for this year. They say the next device in the Mix series will still take a long time. The manufacturer still does not want to reveal if something is already happening in the background or not.

Folded screen poses challenges for production

Anyone who “decided” or at least was interested in a Mi Mix Alpha also has to deal with bad news. The wraparound display smartphone will definitely not go on sale. Mass production is said to be simply too complicated for this, which in turn should drive up costs. Therefore, Xiaomi has decided not to make the sale.

Once again, a concept that saw the light but that could not go beyond the status of a prototype. The situation is similar with Xiaomi’s folding smartphones, of which nothing has been seen in a long time apart from brief teasers.

New high-end device on the move

Xiaomi wants to present the new Mi 10 Ultra already in the week of the article. It will initially be Xiaomi’s most powerful smartphone this year. In fact, you can expect a package that has everything to offer and does not bring any compromises, but therefore the price can also be expected at the corresponding level.

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